The Jaguar F-Type Convertible and Allix Fittler

Tying fashion with cars is my favourite genre of photography, what better combo could you get with this amazing model and the F-Type Jaguar.


This was my first collaboration with model Alexandra Fittler. Her "resting bitch face" game was so strong it was absolutely perfect for this arrangement.

We set the concept around fluorescent tubes set around the model and the car, and using the tubes exclusively to light both. I'm a huge fan of scenes where the only source of lighting is a key element in the set. 


No flash was used in this series, we relied on shooting in the darkest car park we had available to minimize stray ambient light invading the composition.

Jaguar F-Type Converstible loaned from Jaguar and Land Rover Australia / Model: Alexandra Fittler / Dress by Tarese Klemens / Hair and Makeup by Steff Matheson / Jewellery loaned by Exquisite Jewels for Hire / Location by Tommirock Studios / Assisted by Dom Russo and Chris Bromley