Lily and Smoke Bombs

Today I managed to get a hold of some smoke bomb cartridges and use them to some decent effect in a last minute shoot.

Compared with the vaporising based smoke machine before, smoke bombs can be coloured which gives them a unique point of difference to traditional smoke machines. Believe it or not, this was actually just a test shoot. I have a more ambitious concept in mind for coloured smoke, but being so flimsy and unpredictable to manipulate with for photography, I thought it'd be wise to at least test them out once or twice first. 

With a new blue dress recently made up, this was a great opportunity to shoot one of Tarese's newest creations. Plus we had a new beautiful model to bring a fresh face to the table. This was my first time working with Lily Harding as well as the wonderfully talented make up artist Maria Koster.

I found the red bomb far more effective at creating whimsical colour and drama to the scene, with the blue bombs being much less so. In fact the blue was so weak in saturation it looked almost the same as normal smoke (won't be using those again).

I did packed my Phottix Indra500 kit, but today I decided to go with completely natural light. Do however expect epic lighting setups when we do the big one!


Behind The Scenes

Photography by Easton Chang / Model Lily Harding / Designer Tarese Klemens / Hair and Make Up by Maria Koster / Assistant by Justin Blake and Ian Hurst