Vitoria and the Pagani Zonda S Roadster

On the 1st of June 2015 we arrived at the warehouse storing the only Pagani in Australia. The 2005 Pagani Zonda S Roadster.

Under the possession of Adam Kaplan of Hunter Holden, this car has participated in numerous car and community events around the Sydney region. It's turning 10 this year, so what a special way to celebrate.

My chosen model Vitoria Triboni, was an easy choice. We first worked together in 2013 on a Ministry of Sound album cover and I've been keen to get to work with this outrageously talented model again since.


Behind The Scenes

With such a rare opportunity we just had to get a videographer on board. My friend Joel Black of Tommirock Studios volunteered for duty, and with very minimum equipment (he could only bring what he could fit in his lap as we already had a full car) I love the outcome he produced.

Image courtesy of Joel Black/Tommirock Studios

Image courtesy of Joel Black/Tommirock Studios

Us boys just HAD to get a look at that engine before we left.

Us boys just HAD to get a look at that engine before we left.

As difficult as it may be to believe, this ended up being a surprisingly difficult shoot for me. Whilst I've shot precious metal with models before, the Zonda was by far the lowest and widest car I've done this with to date. The car is incredibly low and wide, and Vitoria was incredibly tall and thin, composition is tricky to say the least.

It's easy to think it was easy just by looking at the images with the formula already laid out here. But I really had to frame, think and reframe throughout most of the 3 hours we shot. It was important to observe height, distance, positioning and balancing ambient lighting with our strobes. But experimenting with different focal lengths played the biggest part in exacting the correct formula which complimented both car and model.

With supercars and supermodels, it made sense to maintain the standards with a super HMUA and designer. With Steff Matheson attending hair and makeup, this was the second time I got to team up with the amazing Sarah Joseph Couture and her boutique pieces. Her dresses simply exude class, and is as much the supermodel as Vitoria and the Pagani.

Being such a rare exotic we wanted to keep the kilometres low. I ultimately decided to use the very warehouse it was kept in to shoot as it provided a private and safe place for the 5 hours needed (2 hours hair and makeup, 3 hours photography). It's not the best setting for this shoot, but considering the privacy (as well as the bonus of not adding precious milage to the supercar as it is already there) it was definitely the best option we had.

That romantic Italian fantasy backdrop will have to wait for a time I one day get to share a date with the Huayra, my current all-time favourite supercar.



Photography by Easton Chang / Car and location supplied by Adam Kaplan of Hunter Holden / Videography by Joel Black of Tommirock Studios / Hair and Makeup by Steff Matheson / Model Vitoria Triboni / Dress and styling by Sarah Joseph Couture / Assisted by Chris Bromley