LARP Armour Shoot with Ryan Rikic

It's been an agonisingly long wait for personal work opportunities this year. While I welcome the busy year commercially, my personal portfolio has ultimately suffered because of it. Desperate to break some ice, and chasing a couple of leads - I finally managed to piece something together. Albeit a really quick and simple shoot.


Behind The Scenes

The premise was to create a really simple, home studio style portrait; but shot in a way inspired by the look of oil-paintings in the past. I remember during my conference tour in Madrid last year, I stopped by some local art museums and felt incredibly inspired by the look and feel of the time. This has been sitting on my to-do list ever since.

Ryan Rikic modelled with an outstanding custom outfit by Prince Armory, and wielding props made by Infinite Bladeworks. Tahlee assisted with the props, lighting and styling. The backdrop image was a cheap eBay purchase, and required a bit of retouching to fix visible creases and folds.



As lame as my garage may look, I was armed with some great new gear to play with. This year I've made the switch to Broncolor lights, after making a new endorsement deal with the Swiss manufacturer. 

Full disclosure aside, I had already tested them well on a billboard shoot for Jaguar recently, as well as my car photography tutorial with RGGEDU in the United States. This LARP armour shoot gave me an opportunity to test them out on human subjects again, after my new Octabox had arrived from SunStudios Sydney.

The key was to have really consistent, quality light, and being able to easily control the settings of the light whilst I worked on refining the formula. These new Siros L 800 monolights support WiFi control with my iPhone. A couple of swipes with my fingers and it was easy to find that right balance with the lights. These lights are lithium battered powered, so I really look forward to using them on talent outdoors.

All in all, this shoot took about an hour to setup, an hour to shoot and an hour to retouch. Ryan received a link to the edited photos before they even got home. A really simple shoot, but a great first test shooting talent with my new lights and modifiers. 



Model Ryan Rikic / Costume Prince Armory / Props Infinite Bladeworks / Lighting from Broncolor / Photography by Easton Chang